O-Pen® Roam in Action

Let the World Be Your Water Bottle™

Whether your adventures bring you to a quaint sidewalk restaurant in a foreign land, or you just want to quench your thirst from a cold mountain stream, you can rely on the Roving Blue® O-Pen® to ensure that the water is safe to drink.

Roving Blue® O-Pen® Silver Advanced Portable Water Purification Device

TSA approved to bring on board, the Roving Blue® O-Pen® is an advanced, pen-sized ozone-based water purification system. It allows you to drink water from any tap worldwide and ensures that you won’t get sick from microbes in the water. The O-Pen®’s applications are limitless, from the medical and dental fields to travelers unsure of the tap water in their hotel rooms, cruise ships, or foreign restaurants, the O-Pen® gives you peace of mind.

Limitless Clean Water Supply on Lake Superior